Swinley Forest Singletracks

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DescriptionGrid ReferenceLinks to...DownloadVideo
SeagullB-2The Sticklergpx3
Tank TrapsB-3gpx1
The SticklerB-3Tank Trapsgpx1
Babymaker & LabyrinthB-3gpx
Twisted SisterA-3Track#002gpx
The CorkscrewA-1gpx
Jump GullyB-3gpx
Composite Map - Contains all Swinley routes.gpx
Roller coaster (2 versions)B-3gpx1

Swinley Loop (Michael B)gpx
Impossible Hill and Butter Hill (Nick M)gpx
Deer Stalker and LabyrinthB-3gpx


New composite map

I’ve created a new composite map. This is available as a .gpx and a .png (image) download which can be printed and used as a map. It now contains all the tracks available in the table above – I’ll keep this up to date, as new tracks are added. Click on the link in the table above for the .png or .gpx file. Click the image below to preview.

9 Responses to Swinley Forest Singletracks

  1. Swinleynoob says:

    Been to Swinley Forest a couple of times now and still get lost. I am happy that you have put some routes onto a map for others to use. Hopefully i will be able to use this to plan a sufficient route. Many Thanks!

  2. grahamke says:

    Hi I have just joined but i have been riding at Swinley for a couple of years. I have been searching for maps of the single track for sometime so this website is a godsend.

    I have found some maps before one of which i have found really useful and it might help you name some of the tracks you have mapped. I hope you find it useful.


    I really hope you find it useful.



  3. jon says:

    Great stuff Grahamke. Thanks for contributing, I’ll get your link put in a bit more prominent place on the site.

    I’m really pleased people are finding the site useful, and anything that the users can add and share is always welcome.

    I want to give the site a bit of a reboot in the new year and maybe get a few people off the site out for a ride and post up some pictures and videos and other features. Try and keep people coming back to the site.

    So If you (or anyone) fancies a ride then post on or keep an eye on Ride Planning.

    thanks again, Jon.

  4. cheshire888cat says:

    Great job putting all this together. I only moved to Wokingham recently and importing gpx files into Backcountry Navigator on my android phone helped a lot finding nice routes. Great ride today in the snow.
    Thanks again, Pete.

  5. tomparkes says:

    I’m pretty new to mountain biking and have only ridden Swinley twice before. It’s a total maze and this site has been so useful. I went today with a mate that has been riding there for quite a while, and we still managed to find things he hadn’t ridden before! Nice one for putting this site together and sharing what you’ve discovered.

    Cheers, Tom.

  6. Grevster says:

    Great Site!

  7. van_hammett says:

    Cheers for making this site. Been really useful to find out where the routes around Swinley are!

  8. rzat says:

    Thanks for great site. Planning trip to Swinley in next few weeks and as Google maps user I’ve prepared map with all trial start points (and trail thumbalines in description). Here’s link if anyone interested


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